Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update :)

(by minsue)

Hey, HECK Puffs!

Wondering how HECK will fit into this month’s assignments? So am I. My plan is for HECK to be an easy way to get something turned in because the story is already there. So your HECK project could work for any class.

For July the story is that we’re making things for House Elf Summer Camp at the Helga Hufflepuff House Elf Camp and Spa (I think the name changes everytime I type it though).

I’ll go through the classes this evening and make a list of ideas to go with each class. I’m mostly a knitter, so if you crochet, spin or dye and have thoughts, please contribute those.

It would be cool to coordinate turning these projects in together -- maybe the 25 through 27 of July?

Finally, do we want to keep this planning in the common room, or open a thread in the Huffle Blog group?

eta: anyone can be in HECK, which stands for the House Elf Crafting Klatch

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